The Valiant Soldier was an active pub in Buckfastleigh which closed in the late 1960′s and never re-opened. Everything was literally left as it was and today, it’s open as a museum, giving visitors a glimpse of the past…

Come along & step back in time & as well as the Valiant Soldier, have a look at our exhibitions which usually have a local connection.

We are looking to expand our photo bank so if you have any photographs of the area please bring them along. It does not matter how old they are, remember today’s photo’s are tomorrows history.

As well as the Valiant Soldier Museum we have The Buckfastleigh Museum for you to see what life in Buckfastleigh has been like over the years & our exhibitions often have local artefacts & memorabelia kindly donated to us.

We have also created a partnership with a number of local accomodation businesses to offer entry discounts to the Valiant for anyone staying on holiday. Please ask your host for details

Group Bookings

We are always welcome to any group bookings. For a group of 10 or more we have a special discount on admission. We are also able to arrange a time which would suit your group, including evenings & Sundays.


The Valiant Soldier will be closing for the season at the end of October.